Speed Kills!

This is not a lecture about speed and how it kills.. I want to talk the other way around.. and what it really kills..

To me, speed kills boredom! When I speed i get so excited and so happy. I just cannot stop smiling while speeding in that car.. gives a really weird nice feeling!

Some of you already know and others don’t, I had a tiny accident in May 21 this year. what’s funny is that the “after accident procedures” are still ongoing! I had to go to court and had to have my dad to be released on bail. (I didn’t get into jail!) why so complicated?  because the taxi that I barely hit, had a woman inside who fainted and went to the hospital. anyway, what i wanted to say is i thought i will never drive. Actually I decided not to drive. but just like someone described; “temptation overpowered me” lol yeah it did.. and I drove again.. and tonight, for the first time since May 21 (the black day) I did speed. and GOD it felt so good!! I just LOVE speeding. I cannot resist. The sound of engine drives me crazy! I’m a girl but obsessed with driving! I’d be fooling myself if I said I will never drive! It just cannot happen! and just like a silly girl enjoys a man tells her how beautiful she is, I enjoy people telling me how good am i at driving lol sometimes they go like “you’re scary when driving” but all i hear is a compliment. lol

I pray it wont get worse than that accident experience! and everything would be fine!

12 thoughts on “Speed Kills!

  1. Well, I love speeding too but many times when I do speed I end up saying to myself: what was I thinking? Because you never know what might happen or who or what might jump in front of you, maybe a tire will explode, you never know! So I try to control it, especially that I have to drive on the airport road almost everyday, which is really tempting!

  2. Amin.. soon 😀 bs tseer shawer3na zay el 3alam wel nas!

    mab3oos, yeah why not 🙂 isnt it too late to begin at the race track? i should ask! otherwise ba2adeeha bel ma7akem :p

    Ola, you know whats funny? the pic above is while driving airport road in amman and just when I took the pic, the back left tire exploded 🙂 allah satar!

  3. Haitham, Oh yeah! 🙂

    KJ, LOL first of all this is 140 :p and its the only pic i took :S also read my comment above about the story behind this pic hehe

    oh i wish i was there.. here the max is 60 when i do 120!

  4. ya3ne ba3ed el accident o lesa you love speeding? eno salamt bs you have to take care of yourself more and more.. You may feel happy when you drive on speed 100 and above but what the hell is good about this? You may kill someone child or a woman, I wish not but please think carefully before doing this.

  5. Jano, 1st: speeding is bad bcoz of the roads here does not help.
    2nd: there are places where you can speed as much as possible – karting is another activity you can do.
    3rd: the most tempting is driving between cars (batwaneh) which is illegal BTW 😀

    4th: emshi shwai shwai la yemskoki el shor6ah.

  6. Osama,

    1st: whats bad is road not speeding :p
    2nd: Like where? any suggestions please? : )
    3rd: Oh i LOVE bataween ,, this is where i show off my talent lol
    4th: they did once.. they followed my like 2 km then i decided to stop but since I’m a girl and was careless it went fine lol

  7. Speeding is something that i adore ever since i started driving, Like you i enjoy it a lot, And it’s just the speeding i love, I love carving between cars on high speeds, And the best place to do that is, University street and Airport road, After midnight of course.

    I know it’s dangerous and against the driving laws but i swear to god i can’t help it, Sometimes it’s just so boring to drive within the rules.

    I have been into many accidents, After each one I’m afraid to get behind the wheel, But after 24 hours I’m ready to get back and do the same shit all over 😀

    I wish all girls are like you JANO, So far i have learned that you love speeding like me and you love the same music, Your my favorite blogger so far 😀

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