A Little Too Hard

It’s just so hard to dream again, its just a little too hard to wake up from that dream
It’s just too far from my sight.. its just too hard for this trembling heart to beat again..
how can once become twice and it did..
how can trust build castles in the sand.. and how can a gentle breeze be so cruel.. to throw all that away.. did it?
how come there’s still hope!
why does it seem easy while its too hard,, to look in those eyes again..
to fly again in they sky.. away from the stars.. and their blinding light.. deep in the dark and its warmth..
its misleading path..
why does rain fall from the sky and why some people fall from our hearts..
where do they go? and where do they take our hearts and hide..
why they do what they know will hurt..
why do they say nothing when they have so much underneath..
why they always like to be those faraway blinding stars..
those wide flowing rivers and those unreachable dreams and lies..
why did they come to say a word.. to whisper it.. so we don’t even hear except the sighs..
except the hope to be.. except some childhood dream..
why do they interrupt the song,, the hopeful one with a more promising smile..
makes you turn down the music and listen to your heart..
to the beat that has changed.. to the music it started to play..
to the nothing it will bring.. the emptiness that will never be filled..
these are my words.. and i hope you don’t understand..

June 8, 2009 @ 11:45

4 thoughts on “A Little Too Hard

  1. oh! that touched me so much, i can relate. “why does rain fall from the sky and why some people fall from our hearts..” beautiful writing.

  2. Your poetry is so powerful. It really moves me. Sometimes the pain we go through in our lives draws out our talents even more. Some of the greatest artists of all forms drew from painful experiences in order to create something greater. You have an amazing talent!

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