JoOrder-First Food Ordering Website in Jordan: Review

UPDATE: Looks like Joorder is no longer there. too bad.


Finally, Jordanians can order food online!

As the first food ordering website in Jordan, JoOrder is an easy, fast and reliable way to order your food in Amman and wherever you are.

All you need to do is register for FREE and once. pick your restaurant from a variety of restaurants. order your food from the menu. Menu include the delivery charge and time, the price of each item and its ingredients. Cool!
Just like any other country 😀
When you order, it will give you a total of your items and prices adding tax and delivery and the total. it tells you that the restaurant will contact you within 5-10 minutes but my surprise that they did within 2 minutes! wow


8 thoughts on “JoOrder-First Food Ordering Website in Jordan: Review

  1. WOW its an amazing service , i ordered last day from JoOrder and it was great and fast
    at last no need to remmber the restauarnts numbers 🙂

  2. exactly ! and also you have the menus and everything.. plus, the other day the restaurant didnt call me, so i end up calling the manager/owner of JoOrder, i felt so clumsy because we found out that i didnt not hit the final send order 😀 lol but he was so helpful and wanted to order it for me.. its really amazing service!

  3. thats amazing it worked ………… i didint belive it when the Wox called me and asked for my address the momant i send my order

  4. hey nour.. yeah i know 😀 its so cool and they send you an email whenever they add a new restaurant.. me love this thing!

  5. yesss … its great we are using it everyday in my company …. no need to fight over the bill anymore it gives us all the prices with tax and delivery charge

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