I Hail Thee…

Yes, you.. who make Jordan clean, fresh, educated, cultured, secure, lovely, and a cozy place to live in..

Jordan is nothing but People and each one of us defines what Jordan is.. each one of us contributes what Jordan will be.. a word can change a history as much as Silence can do.. Why stay silent when you can change with few words and small deeds.

Being Honest and trustworthy, being clean and brave, being helpful and initiative and a little more can make a huge difference. watching our actions and be responsible for them. helping each others and smile to pain.. keep our cities clean wont cost a dime.. to gain someone’s trust is easy and to keep it is worthy..

To some of you, my words might sound hopeless, but if you give it a second thought, you might see how things can change.. how honesty at home and work can be the key to success.. how respecting each others can build a bright future.. sometimes it’s easier just not to.. sometimes its easier to throw a plastic bag away rather than keeping it until you reach a trash can but it would be responsible and great if you do.. it will be a lesson for your kids not to trash your own home or others’, it might change many people by starting with ourselves.

I hail those who keep our country clean, and I hail those who work with honesty.. those who are unselfish and who care about others.. who know that forgiveness is not weakness.. those who give and not waiting anything in return..

I hail those who represent Jordan anywhere, by their honestly and good deeds. by being an example to everyone else. Those who are away but so close to hearts. Those who Jordan is proud of. Jordan’s stars.

I’m not too old, but I remember a time when people where more friendly and honest, when selfishness was not the issue, when my grandma used to ask me to get a plate of what she cooks to her neighbor and when her neighbor used to do the same, I remember when I was 5 year old and can go to stores 300 meter away with a street to cross to get some candy and it was not dangerous. I remember when we, the neighborhood kids, used to play out until night with no fear. I remember when our games were made of rocks and chalks and trees. I remember when the air was cleaner and the smiles were true. I remember all that because I’m not too old and because there’s still a hope. I know it’s not too late to live this again. Might be through my kids and yours.. might be through me and you.. but let’s make it happen again.

Let’s have a safer place for our children and a cleaner air for our coming years. let’s not waste another day.. Start by yourself and see how things will change.. at least you would have done your part.

I hail those who are respectful and honest.. those who deserve the best because they simply are.
My Ahl el Hemmeh!

4 thoughts on “I Hail Thee…

  1. KJ, thats my point.. we need to start with ourselves .. I already started 🙂 small things can make great change we just need to practice and get used to it..

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