Silly Reason

For some silly reason i thought you were by my side when i opened my eyes today..
I felt I have lost something when I didn’t find you..
For some silly dream, i wanted dreams to come true as soon as I wake up
Where have you gone and what have I done?
What life have given us of what we deserve?
Is there still a day, a month or a year.. or maybe a lifetime I can spend with you?
Will I ever find an answer to my why’s?
Why you’re not here? and why I’m missing you so?
What went wrong? and what you’re doing right now?
When did that happen? and when will this stop?
How cruel is your heart and how pathetic is mine…
Why did you come back to leave the same pain..
For the same silly reason.. I wish you come again..
and for the very same reason, I will forgive and forget.. and never ask why..

May 29, 2009 10:00 am

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