It’s Just Me…

He called me, out of nowhere.. not faraway from my inner thoughts though.
after all these lost years and after all those lost feelings and dreams.. he said i miss you.. after all the tears that have dried.. after all the times I have waited for the hello.. he came back.. after i set him free.. he came back.. They say if you love something set it free, if it comes back, its yours.. will i ever fight for what’s mine? is it?!

The battle of feelings and thoughts. the battle of past and future.. the battle of two souls.. when will i ever get what I love and what i claim to be mine.. and what he claims to be mine.. and was lost, once upon a time!

Will we ever go back to those stairs we were standing on holding back the tears.. and will he ever say the word? will he ever take me by the hand, right there where we said goodbye.. right there where we broke our dreams.. will he ever think of me.. only me? and have the perfect word whispered to me..

I wish we never grew up.. i wish we never had those worries.. i wish the earth was still as big as when i was with him.. i wish the dreams were as possible as the ones we had.. i wish and i know its real.. but a tiny part of me is scared and wishes you were here..

Scared of losing and scared of fighting for what might not be mine.. scared of saying the right words in the wrong time.. scared of moving some feelings that should not be awakened.. scared of what he can do with this soul of mine..

It’s not your fault or my heart’s.. its not our life or theirs.. its just life.. its just.. a simple dream that can be true.. its just your call or mine.. its just another way of “I love you”

It’s just me..

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