Pray for me…

How can i explain what i feel.. how afraid I am.. I might not come back and I’ll miss you like hell..
How life took me this way and how yours did the other way..
Pray for me, I never been there.. pray for me for i need it now..
for only God knows how I feel tonight..
Will you be there for me?

inshallah khair 😦

3 thoughts on “Pray for me…

  1. Kinzi,,, i knew you will.. prayers been answered my dear πŸ™‚ still i need it at least until first week of june.. ill tell you full story later dont want to post it.. u have no idea how much i appreciate your prayers.. they mean a lot to me :* mwah

  2. Mwah and hugs,dear one, God is so faithful. You are dearly loved and I look forward to seeing how His love and faithfulness carried you through. I will continue to pray πŸ™‚

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