I Cannot Hide Anymore

I’m jealous and selfish, i just cannot let you know.. i’m burning inside out but playing the cool.. jealousy is eating me apart and cant help it at all.. i want you for myself but cant say the word.. I love you but I might be not at all..

How can I when everything says no.. how can I when the night takes too long.. How can you see when you’re looking somewhere else.. How can I spend the night with you and wake up to your smile.. Just let me know..

I need to escape and cover these thoughts of you.. I wanna disappear and never let you know.. I wanna vanish and never hear of you.. I wanna hold your hand and walk with you..

I punish all my dreams of you.. I forget what my dreams are about.. I don’t recognize you there at all.. something real is what I’m looking for.. in reality, I dream of our home and live there with you..

I need to tell you do not come back.. I need to tell you how much I do not miss your sight.. I need to hold you close and never let go.. I need to be there where you are..

I asked for love and got plenty that were not enough.. I asked for dreams and got a year of nights.. I asked for happiness and God gave me your smile.. won’t you please stay for awhile? Like forever and a night?

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