The Qwaider Family.. My Friends and Family

From the minute i saw Maioush at the airport, i felt that i found a lost friend.. she wasnt lost but its been five years we havent seen each other.. we screamed and jumped like two little girls! last time we were just graduated from school and crazy.. except that we’re still crazy!

Mr. Qwaider parked the car and welcomed me.. it was not the first time i meet him but this time i feel a bit responsible for both of them since i was the one who introduced them to each other. so i was a bit worried! I got in the car and instantly felt home! they have the jordanian flag inside just like my dad’s car, and they play Jordanian radio! at home, they have a lot of arab food which i missedΒ  and arab TV channels .. they even have ma3mool!! wow i was amazed! haha

A loving couple who already are a family to me.. funny, crazy, loving, friendly, and more.. together! All my worries disappeared the moment i saw them together.. I pray all the love and blessings surround them..

We spent days and nights together, trying new stuff and enjoying our times under the sun.. played pool with Mr. Qwaider, the score was 2-1 to him haha spent girls’ time with maioush talking about old friends and new.. and talked to our third friend online.. was kinda a reunion… and cant forget the sandwiches she made for me and the other stuff she gave me to eat on my way to NY.. kano 3al waja3 hehe

Spending time with Maioush was like finding a lost friend, with Samer was like being with a great friend and living with them both was Living with a family..

I cannot count the things, laughs, places, thoughts, chats and everything we shared, but to say the minimum.. it was amazing and saying goodbye was so hard.. but hopefully will see them soon πŸ™‚

until then, thanks a lot for the great time and miss you so much!

Here are some pics of the places we been to:

Ferry Tulip


Tulip2 Tulip3

5 thoughts on “The Qwaider Family.. My Friends and Family

  1. That sounds awesome! I am glad you had fun w inshalla I get to see the Qwaiders as well sometime!

    Photos are fantastic – must have been heaven to be amidst these flowers (tulips?)!!!

  2. Samer, sho asarto ya zalameh πŸ™‚ you made me feel home! ill always come back..

    Maio, beebte ente :* akeed ra7 a3eedha inshallah πŸ™‚

    KJ, photos by Qwaider.. he’s a great photographer.. you’re right.. it was like heaven there and yeah tulips πŸ™‚ they are awesome!

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