Welcome to the Independance!

To live by your own is not easy at all, lonesome and stuff but! there are some advantages.. yesterday I learned how to wash my clothes (i know its a shame after 25 years!) but i did it 😀 and also the dryer.. clothes are clean and smell good but whats more important is that every piece has its own color 😀 let me tell you that this was a big challenge!

at night, i “cooked” noodles and was great as well.. so next step is to learn how to cook rice! and other stuff maybe not sure what..

First day in the independance world went just great.. started with cleaning and then goin to get Tide to wash the clothes and checking the washer machine every 5 minutes just to make sure everything is goin great.. noodles also , still have some not because it wasnt good but i cooked a lot of noodles!

Thanks to the guys at work in NY for giving me some tips and tricks on washing clothes and to my uncle’s wife in Cali for giving me instructions on how to start/stop the dryer.. what would i do without you : ) noodles part was all on my own 😀 yay!

What’s next?

7 thoughts on “Welcome to the Independance!

  1. Welcome to the crazy and most exciting life of singlehood. don’t worry, soon you’ll start getting nauseated from noodles and start cooking. it just takes some time

  2. Welcome to NYC, ya Jano!!! I am so proud of you, becoming Miss Independant!

    Lucky you are in America, you can get most food ready to go in a package, just add water and micro-wave!

  3. welcome to the club … first time i washed i was waiting and watching the washer to finish and i felt dizzy … i think thats a good way to put someone to sleep 😀

  4. ditto Ulyesses… soon you’ll get sick of noodles so go for the MANSAF min halla2 🙂
    And doing laundry is pretty much the easiest task you can ever do here, as long as you have enough quarters always 😀

    yalla, enjoy your stay and your independence for a while.. it’s been three years for me on my own and I’m still loving it 😀

  5. aw good for u….living alone is great..or so i heard…u know scrambled eggs are easy to make too…or just go to summer’s blog and learn to cook….better sooner than later eh??

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