In NY, Taxis are Yello and Sky is Grey!

So, things are not so bright and people can be so tricky.. I reached JFK, NY at 4.30 PM local time to find a huge (so huge) line for the customs! all nationalities, looks like America’s ecomony will boom soon hehe Anyway, that was not! walking to go out when a guy said “want a taxi?” I was too tired to say no.. I followed him and it was a usual car.. not a YELLOW TAXI! i know i shouldnt have get in but as i said, was too f’ing tired! so it was a long road until i got to the wrong street and paid “by mistake” $259 to get Jersey City! (it should have been max of $100)

So after being dropped off to a wrong street and got ripped off, got into the building and was supposed to get the apartment key from the scurity but not yet because he couldnt find the key! things cannot get worse, can they? yes it did get worse! he couldnt also find a spare key and cant find the apartment number in the system! wow! he went physically and found the apartment lol and then gave me couple of keys that one of them worked! yay!

so if i want to sum up the time: landing 4:30 pm and getting into the apartment after 9:00 PM 😦

Weather! Here in New york, i learned that the sky’s color is grey.. where did spring go?!

So anyway, today is much better.. at least i ate and had water! keep goin Jano 😀 hehe

9 thoughts on “In NY, Taxis are Yello and Sky is Grey!

  1. glad your feeling better now, dont forget what i asked you to bring
    1- iphone
    2- macbook pro
    3- mac pro

    you can forget about the adidas shoe, dont wana ask too much things .. am a good guy

  2. Hey girlie … WELCOME BACK!!! 🙂
    JFK is ALWAYS a challenge or better a MESS and the cab-ripoff – that was really BAD!! He was a miserable crook!
    If you give me (again) your phone number (per e-mail of course) – I’ll buzz ya!

  3. Karen and Chet! i was looking for your phone number the other day to call! ill send by email of course 🙂 thanks a lot guys 🙂 its always good to hear from you.. missed you both!

    bakkouz, ill check.. been too busy to check emails n stuff

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