I wanna wake up in a city that never sleeps!

Yep, leaving to new york in couple of hours.. trying not to sleep now by watching Supernatural so I can sleep at least 8 hours in the 12 hours continues flight. last time i slept and ate and lsned to music and slept again and woke up and still not much time passed.. so trying to increase sleeping hours this time “at least this is the plan” after i ruined my ipod and not taking my laptop .. life is BEAUTIFUL! : (

So anyway, my visit will include other states but all in time.. ill keep you updated 🙂

4 thoughts on “I wanna wake up in a city that never sleeps!

  1. New York mnawra el yoummm!!!
    I hope you’re relaxed by now. mbare7 your late arrival made our plans impossible since Jersey City is quite a trip from my house and it was late already. I’m heading to Chicago tomorrow morning for a week. When I come back, I better get some Jano lovin’ miss you much babe.

    Let me know how ur schedule is starting *looks at calender* April 14th! I have places to go and people to let you meet here.

    Oh, my new car has a GPS lol and gas will not be a problem since we wont be lost in East Jabib anymore lool. This should be fun. Remind me to take you 3ala khemet Kamil! wohooo fun! haha :**

    Welcome to my side of town 😉 This place missed you loads. really!

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