A Word to My Soul… and Yours

Dear Soul,

Sorry for all the mess i have caused, could still be causing and will..
Never meant to cause any hurt, but as they say nothing is complete and there is nothing for free, even our feelings. to feel good you need to suffer, to feel happy you need to shed some tears.. and all this can be grouped in one word, they tend to call it Life.. Lose to interests and Fail to Evolve.. could be?

Life is a roller-coaster of emotions and opportunities.. if its relieving to know that after every DOWN there is an UP then keep that in mind and look forward, for what’s better and what’s suitable for you. chances might not be the same every time so be careful and chose wisely but not too much. follow your heart but watch where you’re stepping, it might be someone’s or your own heart. if that happened its still ok.. you’ll learn to cherish and take care of it next time. which will help you to take more stable and firm steps.

Here comes the surprise when you think that this is it.. and you have been given all the chances and opportunities you could be given and granted, but rather than making use of them, you have lost them all. and the world seems darker and stranger than it ever was.. a voice from inside says dont dare to take one step and another voice says,, well, the other voice seems dead! recreate your life and take steps forward as many as you need.. keep the faith and learn to smile, again.
Suddenly, a door opens, out of place, out of time. i’m sure this rings a bell because it happened many times.. and at this time you should know that as long as you breathe, life will keep giving.. because your time is not finished yet. otherwise, you’d be experiencing “after death” phase.

Now you’re up, breathing the fresh air and enjoying the sight.. the view must be really cool so dont look down, enjoy every moment and keep memories in your heart.. memories that will make you smile and maybe later will make you cry but after all it’s a happy memory, of a time you were on top of the world, touching the stars and playing with the wind..

Trust your life and trust your abilities, you can be the “super” you always thought you were but had some doubts.. because you already are. It’s ok to feel awkward sometimes, it’s nothing but a test and reassurance to your strength and Trust.

…and your own life cycle continues

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