My Piece of Heaven

Its kinda weird and nervous when you wait for the goodbye.. and you know its coming and maybe you won’t even have one!.. but before all this, you get a hello again.. but where’s my goodbye? its like there’s something missing.. its not like i want it.. actually i dont.. but this is how the process goes.. no?
you might miss them.. you surely do and need them sometimes.. not like you wont survive but its not the same.. just that peace with them.. out of time, out of place.. are they thinking of us or watching what we do.. do angels miss us too?

If you see these words, please think twice, and remember not to be too hard.. there’s a heart that needs you.. as a friend, as a stranger or even as a butterfly passing every night.. but if no response, i would understand and just live like i did and dare to look back.. every now and then just to say hi.. to the memories, to the smiles to those childish times.. as i know you will always be around, like a guardian angel guarding my dreams and my inner thoughts..

I just wanted to let you know that you’re my little peace of heaven that will never grow old.. forever 20 year old 🙂

7 thoughts on “My Piece of Heaven

  1. You Know, sometimes it seems forever.. but i never ask why.. I can make up any reason.. like expiry date!

    Tooteh, thanks 🙂

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