FACT: Women CanNOT Drive!

Please note that woman with green car trying to park! she officially pissed me off!

Ok, not all women drive like this.. I dont, and I been with tooteh and she does not (she’s a good driver), and Im sure a lot of other women as well but did they ever had same kind of video for men? hehe

11 thoughts on “FACT: Women CanNOT Drive!

  1. LOL that women is a DISGRACE to my kind of creatures, lak shu HAD! she cant back up or park head on. HOLLYYYYY! I just wanted to turn the steering wheel for her lool.

    I’m confident to say am a good driver in comparison to this haha.

  2. whisper, yes of course not all hehe i updated the post 😉

    tooteh, since i saw how you drive and been with you so I had to update the post 😀 regardless that we were lost in NJ without food nor fuel but was a good driving skills lol

    dadan, when will you start training?! this was was for you :p

  3. Hmm, I personally can’t help but think that all women are lousy drivers, my mom is one of them , and almost every woman I know is. I know that’s too prejudiced, but that what I actually experienced!

  4. mab3oos, where is love! we’re cute angels, arent we? apart from nagging complaining and annoying moods we are in a lot of times but not our fault! probably yours(men)? hehe

    Ulysses, I dont want to talk about my driving but they say two things i do like men (eating and driving) 😀 but still can not gain weight and still get accidents lol

  5. heh-heh, women here are pretty bad but American women drivers are better than Jordanian male drivers ANY day of the week.

    Just don’t ask them to parallel park 😉

  6. Kinzi, Ive seen American women driving too, they are more into rules than good drivers.. maybe all American women and men 😀 dont dare to break road rules hehe but yes, i saw some good drivers there.. especially in California!.. and specifically when an ambulance is passing.. here in Jordan they race with the ambulance lol trying to kill the patient inside :p

    MommaBean, that woman kills if you see her again! i had the feeling to jump into her can and just park that ^$%#ing car!! 😦

    dadan, get over your sadness and go get lessons :p

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