Kissing Talk!

I really do not know why men in Arab world (and Turkey?) cheek kiss when they greet each other (I’m not sure if other places do the same) but in general, why men kiss when greeting? so NOT nice! so disturbing. i mean just shake hands or “manly” hug.. this would feel more like men!!

Now, im sure that men find it sexy when women cheek kiss.. not sure why but heard this from some guys! which also makes no sense! maybe just like how they find Angelina Jolie hot being a bisexual!

Cultures differ from one place to another from one region to another and from one country to another.. but “exchanging kisses” when meeting each others is just so uncool thing men would do.. and moreover, kissing more than once on each cheek! hehe like insisting and confirming “LOVE”..

Uh.. just a passing thought :S

6 thoughts on “Kissing Talk!

  1. Ok, I’ll confess one thing, I actually think it’s not bad to kiss another man, on the Cheek, and with a side view, not a direct kiss. cause that’s Homo, I guess!
    I was once in this awkward condition, I met a Canadian from Pakistani Descendant, and when we wanted to part, he came close to me to give me hug, instead, I thought he was going to do the famous cheek kiss, so I kissed him! You don’t wanna know how awkward it felt afterward. We never talked after that

  2. dadan, no i dont think so.. maybe after 5 years when you lose hope :p

    Ulysses, aww thats hard! i hope he got over it hehe but i still find it “unnecessary” for men to cheek kiss :S

  3. LOOOL

    There’s nothing wrong with kissing cheeks as long as you both agree on the number of kisses, otherwise it can end up being a lip kiss LOL!

    Happened a couple of times to me pretty hilarious!

    And I am neutral about women kissing cheeks. It is a greeting. Here in the UAE it is customary for men to touch the other’s nose with one’s nose. So kissing cheeks should be the least of your worries here 😛

  4. not only touching each others nose.. but also with a flying simultaneous kiss,, or more!!

    bTW,, i do that with my close close very close Emarati friends,,

  5. KJ, lol @ otherwise it can end up being a lip kiss LOL! this is what im talking about haha no really, sometimes it becomes annoying..

    Hamzeh, gulf people (i think) are way too kissing each others even more than people here no? you can correct me.. also, some men are really becoming annoying with, as i said, many kisses same cheek then doubled on the other cheek.. its like “get a room!” :S

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