Last Thing I Saw was His Angelic Face…

They are right with what they say about nurses.. Angels!

Today on my way to the hospital to face my fears and have that Colonoscopy thing, I was thinking of the whole process and prayed it will all be fine and comes “in and out!” with good results!! Got in the operations room and the not-so-angelic but still cute female nurse asked me to take off my clothes, wear the robe and just lay myself on the bed and RELAX!! i can do all that except the final step.. relax? how?! not mentioning that its my first time in the hospital (not visiting anyone this time). I did anyway and she injected me with a hypnotic stuff! made me feel dizzy and “high”!! saw some aliens getting in the room, next and last thing i remember was his face.. Something was extremely painful (not going into details!) that made me grab his hands and squeeze them! I’m sorry angel face i didn’t mean to hurt you! he was so gentle and kind.. i was hypnotized so do not remember anything after that..

Found myself in another room, cannot remember a lot now but i wanted to go to the bathroom and asked for it, heard some voices say its alright!! and did not go! Dad and Mom were with me, thankfully!

Insh’allah i wont need it again! but his angelic face, will always remain. hehe ok so the other nurse was a cute guy and this is all about it lol “a way to feel less pain”

Anyway, the results were good, minor stuff that will be fine later.. el 7amdellah!

7 thoughts on “Last Thing I Saw was His Angelic Face…

  1. Thank you Kinzi.. appreciate your support, it means a lot to me 🙂 though i wasnt brave enough to talk before about it but now since results came better that we thought el hamdulellah, i did 🙂

    bakkouz, thanks ma best friendo 😀

  2. 7amdela 3ala el salmeh. wo enshalah kol eshi tamam be6la3 ma3kii ya rab. wo etzakret shaghleh wo soret ad7ak loool. akeed e3rftee. lool

  3. You Know, i thought you’d never write.. allah ysalmak.. i know 3ala sho d7eket ya ghashash :p wel 7aki mo zay el experience hehe allah la “ydawe2ha” la 7ada lol

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