5 Reasons Why Angelina Jolie Sux!

Angelina Jolie Sucks for (at least) the following reasons:

1- Huge Ugly Lips!

2- Steals Husbands just because she cannot keep one (two ex-husbands 3-years each!)
Jonny Lee Miller (1996–1999) – her co-star in the film Hackers (1995)
Billy Bob Thornton (2000–2003) – she had met on the set of Pushing Tin (1999)

3- Instead of collecting souvenirs, she collect kids!

4- French Kiss her brother! in public. eww!!

5- She’s not a very good actress!

Not mentioning that she’s a bisexual!

14 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Angelina Jolie Sux!

  1. Exactly!! i was gonna mention how Jennifer Aniston is way hotter better cuter etc! but thought that i want to concentrate on how Angelina sux!

  2. I’m with Mab3oos. if were a guy (or went the other way), I think Jennifer Aniston is much better looking. I get what KJ is saying, but…

    Oh, and I agree with your reasons as well. I don’t dislike her, but I also don’t like her.

  3. Those are all good reason for why I like her. Apart from the brother kissing. As for the kids thing, she is giving them a better life … who wouldn’t want to be Jolie’s kid?

  4. Alright..

    1- Did you say huge ugly lips? Well:
    – Empire Magazine has voted Angelina Jolie as the #1 Sexiest Movie Star.
    – FHM Names Angelina Jolie Sexiest Woman alive.
    – Esquire magazine names Angelina Jolie sexiest woman alive.
    and more others..

    2- She never forced anybody against his will, its not like she kidnapped brad pitt and forced him to fall in love with her, he left Aniston freely and by his choice and she did not “steal” him.

    3- She doesn’t “collect” kids, she adopts poor kids from unfortunate less privileged places like cambodia and africa. and I don’t see how this is a bad thing?!

    4- so she kissed her brother on the lips? booohoo big deal.

    5- she’s not a very good actress? that’s why she won an oscar and three golden globe awards and was notmiated for two other golden globe’s and most recently was nominated for an oscar. among of course many other awards, oh yes that’s why bad an actress she is.

    6- Ok so she’s bisexual! So what? what’s your point?

    Now. What about all the charity work she’s done and working as a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency.? its a million times more than some other actress whom Im not going to name, has ever done.

  5. Mommabean, thanks 🙂

    sabeur, oh please! does she really give attention to het five or six kids? she should be a good mother then try to get half a dozen of kids from everywhere..

    Bakkouz, she’s just a name that been given more than deserves.. thats why most of magazines give attention as well..

    2- did you notice that she met all her husbands on the set? doesnt this mean anything? she seduces men and when mastered that, seduced married man!!

    3- she just collect kids like a celebrity collecting stuff from a store “i want this and i want that” does she even have enough time with her shameless movies to take care of those lil poor kids!

    4- she french kissed her brother for god sake!!

    5- i dont find her good at acting! this is my own opinion.. and im sure many others share the same..

    6- bisexual to me is someone who is not “mentally satisfied” and also have some identity problems. if she’s a lesbian or straight id understand but she doesnt know what she’s attracted to or she wants both, this does not make sense in nature and mental wise.

    Charity work is good but i prefer one focus on his/her own issues before trying to help others..

    she denies her father then says he is her father then doesnt know her sexual identity then gets married then bisexual then something and the other day the opposite..

  6. so she met them on the set? so what? that’s normal, its her place of work, just like we all meet people at our places of work. and how do you know she seduced anybody? where you there with them?

    and she does not “collect kids”. she gives them all the attention an care and provides for them as best as any family could. she is not neglecting her kids, she’s always paying attention to them and she’s always seen with their kids wherever she goes.

    as far as acting goes, Ok you don’t think she’s good at acting, fine, that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to your own opinion of course, but I doubt that many others share that opinion judging from all the awards she’s received. 🙂

    and as far as being bisexual goes, she might have said so in the past, but she has not had any sexual relationships with girls, not serious ones for a very long time now, she’s always been faithful and dedicated to her husbands and never cheated on them, and i highly doubt that anybody in the world would ever call angelina jolie mentally unstable or unsatisfied. well, except you of course 😛

    Anyway, why are you so pissed off at her like that? are you jealous or something? 😉

  7. LOOL @ KJ.. such a classic line from almost 98% of guys

    wow.. i can see that Bakkouz has done his research well LOOOL
    But still, I guess y’all can’t base your arguments on anything or everything the media says or exposes. I admit, the big lips are something we all can see, and the awards are those she has desevred. that’s about it. other than that, it’s all celebrity gossip that, from all what I know, might not have any true base!

    chilax dudes, it’s the weekend already! 😀

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