Just a Normal Day But…

I think i was sleeping when i opened my eyes, to see him looking at me with a lovely smile that already made my day .. he said nothing, waiting me to fully wake up.. was a bit hard with the sunlight taking over every inch of the room.. opening and closing my eyes but still staring at his smile.. Good morning queen, he said. I smiled and said.. what a lovely smile you wear today your majesty.. he smiled even more .. πŸ™‚

Didnt want to leave the bed.. so comfy and warm.. seemed like a usual morning but it never was the same.. the Lion wanted to eat.. so got up slowly, leaving half of me lazy laying there.. Ah! what to eat in this sunny morning, you like it a fast breakfast or no? already late for the work so who cares! did not reply as he was taking his morning shower.. some bread and some marmalade is what i found.. been awhile since we had a decent breakfast.. i love the after-shower kiss.. so refreshing!

The same battle every morning, what to wear and what matches what.. but it always work out somehow.. but what i hate the most is the cold car in the morning! its like getting in a fridge! listening together to our songs and keep changing them for the 15 minutes drive to my work.. see ya honey! mwah!

begins the day with high hopes that soon seem way too much to this boring morning! what to do other than let it pass peacefully.. in the middle of the day, “hey hun, what u doin? everything’s goin ok?” i love when he calls just to check on me and maybe to hear anything i would say.. like “eeh im bored and wish i could just escape!” so negative but still like it! his “haha its ok” tells me that!

so going home finally, preparing for the late lunch.. yay this time it’s not a fast food! batata ! just love it! some potato with rice and the royalty meal it ready darlin! he didn’t like it much but its ok for the first 5 trials, no? I’ve always been good at eating rather than cooking!

I really feel like going for a movie, anything any kind just want to be in that theatre and watch a movie.. huge and dark with high quality sound, unlike the lousy TV we have. but still love it somehow! Having a hard time convincing him to go out and watch a movie, he just wants to stay and watch some silly news! come on! get up and lets go before its so late.. no response.. still have the secret weapon! yeah i knew it would work! my sad face always works with him.. i just love him more when it works…

Nachos are always a delight in that dark huge room with the large fast gone pepsi.. a boring movie but nachos were worthy… funny! i feel sorry for my king as he seems so tired and sleepy as we’re going back home.. mwah, thanks my dear. love that sleepy smile πŸ™‚

aah how i hate cold beds, why they always have to be cold! tucking myself into him and close my eyes.. dream of me, my queen.. was the last thing i heard when i opened my eyes.. to find myself 30 minutes late to work!! Dad and my sister are already awake and were about to leave. Mom already and work and my brother at school! WHY DID YOU LET ME SLEEP UNTIL NOW!!! I mean, thanks you did πŸ˜‰

5 thoughts on “Just a Normal Day But…

  1. Hey Jano,
    LOOOOONG TIME no “hear”!! How are you doing? What’s new? I just looked at pitures of Amman and MISS IT SOOO BADLY!!
    Was that a dream you had? Must have been nice … but not the rude awakening at the end!

  2. bakkouz, mesh addak el 7aki had hehe

    Mumen, queen’s work is to be queen.. she has work and responsibilities..

    Karin, miss you toooo!! the other day i was reading your letter when u were in Germany πŸ˜€ come here to Jordan!
    about the dream, its not totally a dream i had.. maybe just the first line hehe the others are just a normal day-to-be! hehe

    dadan, thanks πŸ˜€

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