Just for Tonight…

Scared of losing, scared of failing, scared of not being the perfect girl i wanna be.. scared of losing whats not mine. scared of seeing them go away.. scared of saying goodbye, and not saying a single hi.. scared of time and scared of years that pass by.. scared of not having the courage to say i need you.. scared of not having the guts to say dont go away! scared of my dreams and scared of not dreaming.. scared of reality that never comes true!!!

scared of you and scared of me more.. scared of destiny and scared of not believing in it at all.. scared of them and scared of us.. scared of what they can destroy… scared of what we have aborted.. scared of the heart that never listens to me.. scared of my mind and scared of my soul.. scared of the love that havent died since years.. scared of the love that died a million times.. scared of the lie and scared of the truth that might be a “not” in disguise..

scared of health and scared of dying, scared of me not be able to kiss goodbye..

I’m just one scared soul that can’t sleep at night.. will you sing me a lullaby?

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