Girls are Silly, arent We?

Girls are silly, we are.. I admit it!

Yes, we do care of the details sometimes to the point it makes no sense anymore! but sometimes details are the core of everything. this doesn’t make less of the fact that we ARE silly! we are! my my friend (female) talks to me about how the other girl talks secretly about her and cares what she wears and what she says and to whom she talks! but ask her if she has any evidence! none! she just feels this is it. nothing confirms. the other girl talks about how that guy was talking to a hot woman (yeah he’s married and that was his wife! but that poor little girl did not know!) another one talks about how her fiance and how she treats him bad and he still loves her (she’s totally proud of it!) another makes comments and laughs out loud when suspecting something being said between two guys concerning another person in the room (she makes up all this scenario and just laughs saying i know whats goin on!) eww eww eww WHATS that for the love of God!!! and the other girl brags about her purse or shoes and how expensive it was althought! it was on sale and she just couldnt resist (ooh feel sorry for her!)

Even me, im being silly recently. cuz im a girl πŸ˜€ hehe (oh i got rid of my facebook, oh i got my facebook back) eft!

I’m just sick of girls! sick of them!!

6 thoughts on “Girls are Silly, arent We?

  1. KJ – hehe funny :p

    Kinzi, Some girls stay girls all their life hehe but most women i know are smart and mature, unlike girls i know.. which makes sense i believe

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