FB is back! I hate this!

It’s becoming to annoyingly essential! and the only way to keep connected with your loved people and especially living far.. I hate the fact that most of people, even who did not believe in it are having one and enjoying it.. so confusing!

I got my facebook back dears with many restrictions, so many “friends” were deleted as well as groups and pages and boxes.. people who I never heard about and some who are not welcomed, deleted!.. If you were deleted, sorry its by mistake :p lol no really i rem I deleted one or two by mistake but couldnt know who.. Is there something shows last deleted? hehe

My uncle and his family who live in Cali post their pics and their kids’ pics on facebook and I do wanna see every update of them! they stopped posting on the site they had! I first deactivated then when i want to see i reactivate then deactivate but got sick of this process .. decided to have it back as i said with limited people including family, some friends and some bloggers who were already there.. and few few people who I would like to know who they are lol

It doesnt feel so good having it back but looks like I had to!

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