We’re dying.. are we?

I have always said, love comes and goes, but true friendship lasts forever..

I feel like loosing my best friend and can’t help it. No one said it better that Gwen when she said, let’s stop pretending who we are.. its done and the friendship is over but some people are good actors.. like there has nothing changed.. they wear a mask and can go on like this forever.. why is that? why cant people just be true about their feelings? true and honest.. to others and to themselves.. but i guess sometimes it really hurts to admit it.. or to give away years of friendship.. or maybe the fear that our (ex)friend wont understand.. but this doesnt help anyone..

I wish I never lose a friend but sometimes it just happens for the silliest reasons. they’re just gone.. for the best I pray..

One thought on “We’re dying.. are we?

  1. Well…
    Friendships do not go away, and they do last forever, because friendship as an entity isn’t governed by the laws of the physical world, its a deeper connection between souls. but I’m pretty sure that you know what, still, I am going to say it nevertheless…

    and even though things might change between you and your friends, even though he/she might seem to be occupied due to the changes of his pattern of life, this does not shake the solid foundation of your friendship with him/her… so, even though circumstances may differ, and he/she seems to not be in touch as much as before, this does not mean that your friend is hiding something, or lying. its simply adapting to a new life, which I’m sure you understand, not to say that one conflicts with the other in any way.

    It all comes down to one thing, and one thing alone, the spiritual tie that was forged over the years. that may extend or be stretched due to the necessities of life, but not broken. and when you look deep down inside your heart, you know for sure, that a true friend is a friend who will always be there for you when you need them, because that is the essence of friendship, it is not about talking daily on the phone, and it is not about sharing every single detail of your lives, its deeper than that, its about knowing that you can just pick up the phone and call your friend in times of need, or at any time indeed, and knowing that he/she will listen to you and comfort you, laugh with you and care for you, truly. but i;m sure you know that as well. and you can count on it.

    Aristotle once said: “Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.” this means that even if your and your true friend might have became immersed in another or different lives, you can never lose your souls. ie: you might get married and become preoccupied with your married life, A happy life. you should not feel sad or left behind, you should feel happy, for you also will one day become occupied with a new life that will no doubt take you on a new path, a differnt path than the one you are now accustomed to. which is a good thing. a normal thing. rest assured that your friend isn’t wearing a mask, he/she is simply continuing their destined path in life. as they say in arabic: هذه سنة الحياة.

    naturally, these words may sound like a cliche, like something anybody would say just to say something that needs to be said, even though if you think about it, it should not be said at all, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt I suppose for these pearls of wisdom to be said, coming for a wise man such as myself 😛

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