Tawjihi Results Now!!!

You want Tawjihi results now? read this post!

I have a post about Tawjihi since years, where i linked to a site for Tawjihi results search by name or seat.. still up to this minute I receive hits on that post and things get crowded when students finish their exams.

The Thing is, Ministry of Education in Jordan announced the results to be in February. so why thousands of people started searching for the results the day Tawjihi exams have finished?!! I dont get this.. like everything will be published before it’s time? or like I have super powers to get results for all Jordanians before that date? NO one can get all results to the public before the date specified!

Ministry of Education will be announcing results on a certain date been given by them and not a single day before. I know some people can know their results in a way or another but NOT on the internet!! People, please stop this! some post their phone number so I can give them the results and some ask where are the results and some ask when and some just post a comment to know a girl/guy here! PLEASE STOP IT!! Grow up and wait until the results are announced officially! its not like you will start applying to universities or something.. you will have all the time when results are published officially and for god sake! this is still one semester.. you still have the second one in case you are a Tawjihi student for the first time..

There will be many sites for the results and I would be gladly to post them when results are up on the site and ready. before that date, you can find nothing here or anywhere else in the net..

An advice to all Tawjihi students.. RELAX.. Enjoy this time before results and before its time to get busy, greeted, blamed, yelled at, etc. lol

Sorry to disappoint you guys. Good Luck for All 🙂

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