“Intuitive Betrayal”

Hearts can break like a glass on rocks.. so hard so fragile.. so many pieces that can never be found.. and Innocent lies stab deeper than knives, like rays of a light melting hard cube of ice.. slowly but burns from inside out..
I handed my heart, my soul and emotions that are deeper than what i can even hide.. love comes easy, like a word or a glance, from a stranger but makes you dream all night..
Just like building a tower, with sand or thoughts, one gentle breeze, innocent and free,, can break all this and wakes you up to a cold word “real”
you were right i should have listened and be wise.. love isn’t a game, it’s not even a fight.. actually, it’s just a faraway dream that you might never be brave enough to ride..
I’l ride a lone this time, without your eyes, and will find my way through all this tricky path.. they said be wise, they said know how to get back alive.. but it was never me who think twice, I flow with it, dream with it and hopefully one day, ill die with it.. and never slow down..

4 thoughts on ““Intuitive Betrayal”

  1. The words have been drained from this
    Sweet words that I want to give you
    And I can’t sleep
    I need to tell you

  2. ma3lesh. bit-hoon Jano bit-hoon 3ala goolek il rafeeq il monadel yaser 3arafet ra7mato allah 3alaih: ya jabal ma iyhizzak ree7.

    ilwa7ad bi3eesh o bishoof o bit3allam. kol wa7ad bimor bi haik ashya2, bas lazem iykoon qawi o yetkha66aha wiykhalli 3aino 3al mostagbal o iykoon mota2akkad ino illi jay a7san min illi ra7, o kaman dayman il wa7ad lazem ye3raf ino sho ma sar, dayman bidal 3indo asdiqa2 bigdar yefta7ilhom galbo wiyfadfidilhom.

    o 3al 3omoom… zai ma bigoolo, haik il 7ayah, yom ilak o yom 3alaik, tal3a nazleh, donya dawwara ya3ni, wil ishi illi ra7 lazem yeeji a7san minno, ana mota2akked la2ini ana ba3rafek o ba3raf inek btistahali kol khair o inshalla ma ra7 tlagi ghair kol khair 🙂

    ay na3am.

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