So Bond To You

I never asked for you, not even in my silent prayers..
what brought you to my way shinning with a smile and a faith
I loved the hello without words., the squeeze from afar and more to my bones..
the sun that bathed our souls and the wind that moved our tide..
and shadows that got tired of our walks until the sun excused them to fade with her..
Go silent or mad, go yourself or mine, sing a song that lasts and look me in the eyes..
I will still love you until time decides..
of the heart that was given silently in the dark..
of the warm tears that rolled happily over my cheeks.. begging the night to stay…
Please take care..
of a soul that bonds to the words we say .. of a smile that can’t die when you look at it with talkative eyes..
please take care
of me and you, where life throws us and where the clouds rise us, please take good care..
I promise some laughter as I promise some tears, I promise there will be sun as night will come for our dreams..
I promise warm touch and a smile that heals.. as I promise some cold winters and some weary fears..
Two souls that fold one’s another until time decides..


6 thoughts on “So Bond To You

  1. yes i know πŸ˜€ “shoooooo 3ash2aneh ya benet” lol “akeed bet7eb sayra namroodeh, love gives her strength” hehehe “shooooooooo (ma3 ghamzeh) ” lol

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