Yes, I got Rid of my Facebook

Thank you for all your calls, emails, messages and concerns regarding the absence of my facebook profile.

Yes, I deactivated my facebook profile and do not have any intention to reactivate. I’m sorry for this “bad” news 😀

Facebook became the most essential point of communication to everyone, the place where all meet and find each others for what? getting into each others’ life? I’d rather read a paper book rather than a pdf in case i decided to read! I’d rather meet in person rather than know you through your status or pics.. I’d rather throw a real pillow at my friends rather than an image or txt.. I’d rather call people I know and meet friends, not people Ive never seen or met.. I’d rather poke you in real not text.. I’d rather race cars with you in real not in a click.. I’d rather tell myself if im good or bad, Jordanian or not, will be a good mother or not, have an attitude or not, etc. not a silly quiz!!

I cut off some friends in the past not to see them again on facebook or be friends with them again, they are past friends, i don’t want them to find me in life ever again..

I consider people meeting in a certain occasion are just this occasion’s people to me! doesn’t mean that you should go to facebook and search for my name to find me and be my friend since i did not ask for your number and you did not dare to ask for mine! this is enough reason to know that you better stay away from my way!

Sharing my thoughts or pics does not mean you should get into my personal life or prove your points over mine!

If I did not accept your friend request it means that I refuse your friendship for some reason and does not mean in any way that you need to send a facebook message so I accept!

All my family are on facebook and families should concern about family stuff only not the other side of my personal life and same goes with friends to a certain point i guess its ok but not way into it.

My status message was not put for investigating my current state and searching for what’s behind it! its just a status message! that simple!

Groups and pages went beyond imagination! I cant believe that there is a group for every single breath a human takes! or for every thought comes to our minds! AND multiple groups for the same!

It’s cool to wish people happy birthday but it wont be a total true if I dont know them :S does not make sense!

Friends that i never met or dont know.. at least Dont remember! why are they in my list? I have no idea?

I agree that some people are enjoying facebook and now considered-as my friend told me- just like your mobile or identity.. but I dont want that..

Having a facebook profile means that you need to keep up with all changes, all updates, all occasions, all, all, all.. i hardly find time for myself and few things around me.. sorry..

I’m sorry to disappoint some of my people by not having a facebook.. and the surprised look on your face makes me laugh.. like deactivating your facebook is the end of your social life and isolating yourself away from the world..

This post also to let people I love that I did not get you out of my facebook friends’ list. just GOT RID OF MY FACEBOOK 😀

9 thoughts on “Yes, I got Rid of my Facebook

  1. 3omrek ma btet3alme…7aketlek 100 marah sho bedek beha solafeh.

    fe 3nde matal daymn ba7keeh “fe shaghlteen el wa7ad mo lazem y3melhom;Ytrek el do5an or yl3ab 7adeed” cuz bytrek do5an byrja3loh ba3ed ma ykon 5arabt nedam 7ayatoh o ele byl3ab 7adeed byzha2 o bybatel ba3ed ma ykoon ta3ab 7aloh….lazem 23del el matal to be fe shaghlteen el wa7ad mo lazem y3melhom;Ytrek el do5an or yl3ab 7adeed or y3mel facebook”

  2. KJ, They will keep getting to you from nowhere hehe good job anyway 😉

    Mumen, ad ma tzeed 3al shaghletain bedalo shaghletain? lol

  3. Secret Admirer, If you’re the one I think you are.. you’re one of my best friends that I love to keep but they decided to be away…

  4. janoo……first thing nice orange look 😉 i love orange 🙂 ……2nd how its wierd these days to hear that many people is leaving facebook , am the first one 😛 i have write a post 2 days ago about this isssue exactly ….:)

  5. orangee.. thanks hun for the compliments regarding the new look of my blog.. checked your posts.. its not weird i think because if you’re not too careful, there is zero privacy in there.. take care dear and keep visiting..

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