Will they ever Stop? and Start?

Will they ever be brave enough to stop whatever violence they are doing?
Will they love their children the same amount they love the kids they kill?
Will there be any sense of humanity in human’s heart? ever?
Will there be a day where children are too innocent to be killed? Women too precious to be tortured? elders too respectable to be humiliated?
Will there be any respect to religions, thoughts, minds and hearts?
Will they not just believe in peace but start practicing it?
Will they think twice before destroying lives and generations?
Will they at least pray for those who are thrown away homeless?
Will there be less greed and more giving for the sake of our children and our future?
Will there be anyone who stands up to say a true word for the sake of burned souls?
Will there be, some day, any “yes” to any question of the above?

Stop hating and start loving.. too late? I pray not… God bless and be with all people who suffered, suffering and/or died for nothing but others’ greed and arrogance..

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