Rain, from the other angle

Drops I once saw coming right to me
Holding a flower and a wish to be
The drops I thought that will never leave my sky
Fell down so happily leaving me with a lie
Fell down with other drops that I call tears
Meeting their destiny and embracing their breeze
There’s no place in the middle I know for sure
And I close my eyes waiting for snow
So innocent, soft and white
Covering the black spots in our hearts
This is life and the way it goes
Some things disappear while others grow

Dec 27, 2008

3 thoughts on “Rain, from the other angle

  1. For Every Leaf That Falls

    Embrace the silence
    And listen to me
    Our time is short
    And my words are pure
    For every song the angels sing
    And for every leaf that falls
    I will be thinking of you
    And I’ll blow you a kiss
    I used to dream of the blue in your eyes
    Now my dreams are color blind
    Clenching my fist to crush this pain
    Its always the hate in my smile that devours me
    Transcending down far beneath my means
    A final breath of you to keep with me
    Infantile tears are melting the morning snow
    And shiver I will, for the heat in you is gone
    Never forget to smile
    As you look upon this world
    somewhere I’ll remain alone
    thinking of the morning past

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