Dead Sea – Cycling

Gathering was supposed to be at 8 am and because I’m the kind of person who wakes up VERY early, I woke up at 7:50 am hehe sent sms to my friend Nisreen and she was already there.. dressed up and prepared all my stuff AND got there in 30 minutes! the distance from home to 7th circle usually takes 15 minutes if the streets are empty..

So, got in the bus half awake half sleep.. reached Misk Cafe and Restaurant at the Dead Sea where the Cycling should begin.. First 15 minutes where like hell! i couldnt breathe and got tired so easy! so sleep no breakfast and sun was straight from hell.. couldnt go on further and got in the bus.. when I noticed the road in not hard; stopped the bus and continued on bike until the end 😀 yeah I did it!! well, half did it.. hehe

Nice people, nice ride and most important is i’m not sleepy hehe.. at the end we got in the bus.. they talked and I slept until we got 7th circle to go back home..

Suddenly Im loving sports 😀 yaay !! lol :p

Here are some Pics, dont try first one at home (Riding with one hand!) cuz you might get hurt! i was about to fall hehehe (Master Jad took these pics)

Cycling Waving

Cycling Waving

With Nisreen and Mariana

With Nisreen and Mariana

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