Letter 5 – A Butterfly

Dec 17, 2008

As some of you may already know, that I love butterflies, flowers and nature.. and of course many many things.. I love a peaceful day and how troubles come my way.. and suddenly so nicely, they just go away..

Just like how I was setting on bed 2 minutes ago with my laptop and blog open not knowing what to write. This day has passed (so far) so peacefully and weirdly, some troubles, some solved, some Salad, some chocolate.. setting here thinking of many things but have nothing on mind.. suddenly, out of nowhere, a butterfly flew in front of my eyes! and I reached my hand to it, don’t know why, and it flew around my fingers and stood on my hand and kept moving!! ALL real! and its around 22:45 here! no windows opened or doors.. and my laptop’s light isn’t the only light in the room.. it just flew around my right hand and fingers then walked on my hand.. almost weirdest thing could happen! I felt like it was someone I know or sent for a reason.. I just felt it so strong! I know it is : )

It just made my night : ) I feel that butterfly came around to touch some feelings , to move some feelings, to cheer me up in this dark lovely night.. Another reason to love nights..

While writing this some weird things happened.. but I learned that nothing is weird in this life, we still use the term though. nothing is weird because everything works like a clock.. a fine clock! which is another story!

Thinking of that butterfly; feels like a guardian angel that is guarding my nights, and taking my hand to write whats inside, inspires me and helps me, draws a smile and leaves..

This is the Last letter of my 5 letters to you.. you sent me “four” and I wanted to make them five for the fifth is the missing link that was found.. I hope this life would take me where it takes but will always keep faith in me as I keep the same faith here..

As I go to sleep now, I wish you a peaceful, loving and warm night..

This started with “Who are you?” and ended with a “Butterfly” Never thought I’d find the answer : )

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