Letter 4 – Love

Dec 16, 2008

Ok i love when dad wakes me up with massages but today’s treat was different; nagging hehe yallah yallah Jano get up! I got up and just hated my day from the start.. extra sudden task the kind of tasks that i hate at work but love when I finish them, give a feeling of “yes, i could do this” anyway, some annoying stuff at work that, for some reason, make me laugh!

Busy day is the kind of day I love in Ramadan, not these days.. I did not eat and did not have time to do anything except work and more work.. in the back of my head was the idea of escaping all that and run away.. to steal some one and just run away.. some one I adore.. steal him from who? and where?, steal him from the heart I have for him.. So much love in the air.. Love should be my middle name hehe I love even when I’m out of love, out of heart.. I’m even wearing Pink a lot these days (Angel smiley) funny! : )  back to stealing mood.. This is my thoughts for today.. my Mood’s soundtrack for these days.. my Heart’s theme for these couple of weeks..


The feeling of being High, with no weed.. the feeling of being drown without water.. the feeling of flying without wings.. the feeling of touching the stars without hands.. the feeling of kissing the moon without lips.. of being happy with no reason or one.. of being sad with a smile instead of a tear.. of dreaming without closing your eyes.. of … you can go on forever.. : )

The biggest problems look too small, the smallest tiny chance of happiness makes you the happiest widest smile on this world’s face! only when you want to, only when you feel to.. only when you.. you know..  Love to : )

Like a prayer before I sleep.. that makes me feel peace and safe..

“Cause you’re such a beautiful Soul, you’re going to sleep with a smile on your face, a serene mind, and you’re going to wake up with a joyful heart, and a sense that everything is going to be alrite in your world and you’ll have a great day : D you will! walla you will! Hug you as you go to sleep…”

A friend told me once:

“Keep Smiling to Death, Keep Givin’ ’till you Fade; and your Love will always keep Hope.. Will keep Hope that mankind has Lost”

Some words just remain in your heart like a star up above and lights the dark earth, so these words shall light your heart and mind.. then shine to others, which will all reflect back to the stars and light up the sky..

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