Letter 3 – Confessions

Dec 15, 2008 – 00:15


Like visiting the place for the first time
these shivers in my veins, trying to reach for something deep
Confessing all my faults and relieving all my sins
yet the pain remains, somewhere in between
My soul and my heart, reaching out for both
I push it all away and run toward the place
Looking for forgiveness and not waiting a reply
just a deep voice mixed with pain, love and fear
So cold like a stone and warm like a prayer
then the priest looked at me and said with tears
What could have caused all this mess in a soul
Why this heart is crying and why these eyes are blue
Nothing could cause this, except the sin of heart
Love is the answer, my Girl, and the sin is in your eyes
It gets you every time and you welcome with open arms
Nothing is forgiven, it’s the line of your life
written million years ago, never try to ride that tide
I looked at him and said
Those eyes never slept, except to dream again
Of the love and a night until they both are real
Lord, please, forgive me. I never went too far
I just touched some flames and cried under the rain
this heart is so tortured from the years that passed by
It is where it is now and tomorrow might not be
Nothing will ever change this, nor the innocent soul of mine

5 thoughts on “Letter 3 – Confessions

  1. Hey
    1. Good New Design.
    2. You don’t know me and i don’t know you. Call me Secret admirer.
    3. There is no words to explain how Your words touch my soul and my heart.
    4. 🙂

  2. Thanks Maher.

    Secret Admirer;
    1- Thanks, glad you liked it.
    2- I thought I know you.
    3- Glad you like them 🙂
    4- Why don’t you say who you are? wouldn’t this be much easier? and this is the last time (first also?) I would ask 🙂
    5- Thanks for visiting and for the nice words.. : )

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