Lebanon – Piece of Heaven, Piece of my Heart

Couple of days in Lebanon that I did not have a single tiny idea how would affect me.. to some of you might sound weird that a country or travel would affect someone that much.. I’m telling you, I’ve been to many countries and saw many things.. but Lebanon beats them all!!

A small country with many contradictions that make it all as a whole one of the World’s 7 wonders. a sweet lady that had a glory childhood, and hard teenage days, then life smiled at her to strike again.. a woman that suffered a lot but stayed strong and sober.. a mother that took care of her children even though they sometimes turn their back and go away..

Lebanon is as strong as its mountains, nothing moves them an inch. sweet as its lands, so green, pure and open.. mysterious as the sea, calm and crazy. Old as its ancient city and new as the spirit of its people..

Lebanon, to me, is a wonder by its own.. a mysterious treasure that only few know how precious it is.

I wish Lebanese people would throw all politics, wars, religious fights and pain away.. and only speak of Lebanon! nothing less, nothing more..

7 thoughts on “Lebanon – Piece of Heaven, Piece of my Heart

  1. I don’t think I’ve read anything this beautiful about Lebanon.. It brings great comfort to see others going to my birth place, enjoying their time and falling in love with the country…How was the weather ?

    I know the first picture is at “Raouche” but do you mind telling me where the other one is taken ? did u go to downtown where the big clock is or near the new blue mosque ?

  2. Noura 🙂 the weather was nice! awesome! everything was great! 😀

    the second pic at mot7af el mashaheer 😀 inside there is that balcony and the amazing view you see 🙂 I went down town and clock, also saw the new mosque and a lot of nice things 😀 the country is amazing ya Noura! thanks for the comment 🙂

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