A Good Friend like what?

How do you define a good or best friend?

How they should be like to gain this “title” and trust?

To me,

– Should be there whenever i needed them however they could, does not have to be physically.
– When I’m in trouble they help me to get out then smack me instead of shouting “what the hell you did and how!!!”
– Never cares how my mood can be Fu*ked up, they still be beside me supporting me even by only being silent.
– Care about my issues more that theirs because theirs are mine to care about.
– Trust me with whatever I do or say and no matter how idiot I would sound or look.
– Accept my help whenever they need it with no hesitation.
– Never tell me those pants look nice on me while they really look bad!
– Cry, Laugh, smile and go crazy with me.
– and finally, make me better not worse.

I know a good friend is much more than that.. but this is what I thought of now.

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