One of the times..

This is one of the feelings that you have and just cant explain.. hoping they would figure it out the way it is, then accept it the way it is.. but people dont have such kind of powers, sooo… this is one of the times when things better left unsaid.. because neither do I have the power of delivering those unexplainable feelings! What makes it harder is that you do not know.. you do not know whats on the other half of this river of feelings and emotions..

It’s hard to explain that you dont want them to fall in love! although you still wish them the best luck and love.. ok what am i missing here? the link between those two feelings.. no matter how hard you think of this, no matter how amount of explanations you could provide.. this will stay unknown for many reasons, the most important is .. lack of power.. no power for understanding this deep opposite feelings.. whats weird is you give hints but deny them.

Anyway, a piece of my mind that i needed not to explain but to write down. and this is one of the times when you play lost and found with your emotions which by the way sucks so much! but still doesnt hurt 🙂

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