Quarter of a Century!

It hit me so weird when my friend said: so miss j, ur a quarter of a century

I felt wisdom for a sec lol then thought its really old when i hear it “Quarter of a Century” thats BIG! HUGE!

Well, what have I done in the past quarter of my century ? hehe “now it feels cool”

– Good grades at school.
– Good friends.
– Good Daughter.
– Good sister, i hope. 😀 fatoom? any word here? lol
– Bad Girl sometimes but still cute :p loool jk
– Travel
– Good Work
– Bad health
– Couple of car accidents. lol
– some things i forgot because lack of B12 :p

Ok, what i NEED to concentrate on for the next quarter !! I mean year!

– Keep my good friends.
– Pay more attention to the family.
– Travel more
– Keep the good work.
– Pay attention to my health (a big challenge!)
– Sports and exercises !
– NO accidents!
– Take more B12 😀

So, miss J.. wish you a happy healthy second quarter 🙂

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