JansCycling :D

So yeah i went cycling yesterday😀 It was a nice experience,, I couldnt complete the whole round but 8 km were enough to almost kill me , providing that i dont do any kind of sports! so that was first since ages!

Here is some pics😀


Cycling with friends

5 thoughts on “JansCycling :D

  1. aa Jad, it was a nice feeling wallah😀 but etkassaret 3al akher!! o batoul and sherin and all are nice people wallah..

    Tooteh!!😀 we have to!! o be central park bekoon khayleh😀 bs mesh men hadol el bikes el sare3een kteer bekhawfo honak :pPp lool ele bekoon mrakbeen nas o haik..

  2. Salam Jan,

    I thought I saw you today in Carrefour, I was hesitant to come to talk to you because I wasn’t sure.

    Somehow I expected you to be thinner and shorter than these pics. You are a little bigger and wider than I thought. So I thought she either grew quickly or it is not her. And you know the general result of a guy talking to a lady he doesnt know in the mall.🙂

    Anyways, inshallah next time I see you by chance, I will say hello.

  3. Hey Sari.. yes i was at Carrefour today.. actually i just got back from there hehe

    So yeah you should have came and said hi!😀

    Actually if i look taller, bigger and wider than these pics, I’m so happy! thanks for this! hehe no kidding wallah because i hate the fact im thin and short!! (at least i think so)😀

    Cya around🙂

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