Dead Sea – Nov, 2008

I dont like the dead sea so much but still one of the most amazing places on this earth AND the lowest šŸ˜€

It was a team outing (IT dept in Aspire) and was suggested and organized within couple if days only but was really a fun day (night) for the first time, we leave work at 2 pm (our team works shifts system so it was hard to pick a day which suits all) but we did it! so after leaving from work at 2 pm and get ready and got into cars i found out that my co-workers called fatoom my sis and invited her to this outing! how nice of them. Thanks Mu’men šŸ™‚

Got there like an hour before the sunset, enjoyed the scene and some guys ran into water! then started hash o nash (BBQ) of course guys started whining that girls should stick the meat and chicken pieces! so we (girls) did the Job and they (guys) started watching the fire and meat getting ready (what a hard thing to do!)

Guys got their laptop ! i was like what for?! we came here to have fun! and they got joysticks also! Winning Eleven!! they are addicted or what?! but i played also :p hehe first time i play it and lost 0-8 to Abu Khalil šŸ˜¦ but i think it was fair!

So after eating, playing volleyball, Winning Eleven, Cards, joking around and taking some pictures, we all sat in a circle and start talking, and making castles with the sand.. until 10 pm then started preparing ourselves to leave..

was a quite nice day/night which i hope to do over and over again šŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Dead Sea – Nov, 2008

  1. hamede, thanks šŸ™‚

    Tooteeeh lovvek lovvek ana thanks beebte mwah :*

    George, at office! wow! i think ill start this winning eleven addiction thing :p check this out

    dadan, lets do this one day, lets see our people and pick a day! šŸ™‚

  2. Deep inside the silence
    staring out upon the sea
    the waves are washing over
    half forgotten memory

    Deep within the moment
    laughter floats upon the breeze
    rising and falling dying down within me
    and I swear I never knew, I never knew how it could be
    and all this time all I had inside was what i
    couldn’t see
    I swear I never knew, I never knew
    how it couldn’t be
    all the waves are
    washing over all that hurts inside of me

    Beyond this beautiful horizon
    lies a dream for you and i
    this tranquil scene is
    still unbroken by the
    rumours in the sky
    but there’s a storm
    closing in voices
    crying on the wind
    the serenade is growing
    colder breaks my soul
    that tries to sing
    and there’s so many many
    when I try to go to sleep
    but with you I start to feel
    a sort of temporary peace
    there’s a drift in and out

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