Dancing in the Rain…

You have no idea how rain excites me! in a very strange way! especially at night.. something like rain madness “full moon madness” : p

Yesterday, i didn’t know it was raining until i went out of office to get some snacks, then saw it raining with a little sunshine and rainbow! started jumping up and down with a wide smile on my face and a huge excitement! (Mu’men, my co-worker, thought im crazy maybe :p)
I really don’t know why i get excited, maybe because i was born in winter (November) or it’s just i love rain and winter… anyway, I got an ice-cream instead of Chips and Juice hehe

At night I also went out, this time by car, and was toooo excited because its finally WINTER! YAY πŸ˜€ I speed and sing and laugh! (ask my sister Fattoom how crazy i was) hehe and just to let you know, I was really feeling down and bad .. but with the first drop i saw hitting the earth, all became great, im sick and in bed today but still feeling great its finally winter! i hope it’s raining outside now (still didnt look)

Uhh the smell of winter, the view of the rain and the little sunshine with rainbow! I found that this is my happiness.. RAIN! I love to run, jump, cry, smile, laugh, shout and Dance in the rain.. What would be a perfect word to describe rain? Happiness? excitement? Peace? Love? I really dont know..

β€œAnyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain”

Can you see the rainbow in this picture? i took on my way to the supermarket..


11 thoughts on “Dancing in the Rain…

  1. LOL! walek hada when you to seattle we’ll never see you at home, it rains like 300 days a year hoon, i kinda got sick of it already, and they are telling me that lessa ma shoft shi the winter didn’t even begin :S
    yalla zai ma 2allek Husbandy, i have a guest room ready for ya… sheddi 7eelek πŸ™‚

  2. Qwaider and Maio, soon soon inshallah! keep the room ready :p

    tooteh, I know its not good to speen while raining but couldnt help it.. speed runs in my veins πŸ˜€ and about going to US, i’m not sure wallah akeed mesh 2008 though. let say inshallah πŸ™‚ ba3dain im still not sure, east or west coast ! “thinking”

    KJ, feel sorry for you 😦 come here kaman couple of weeks and enjoy it! u should i think 😦

  3. i love the rain because it makes my grass nice and green in the summer…..i do not mind it in fall as long as i do not need to do anything…and in winter i would rather see rain than snow..rain falls and dries..snow stay there to haunt us…btw it is not winter yet…it officially starts on dec 21..i dont care if some areas in the province and neighbouring provinces already have few inches of snow…it is still fall here..and the mild temps prove it…happy early bday…november is such a popular month…my son was born in nov and so are half of his cousins in amman…and half of his cousins in canada….

  4. Matt, wasnt that best feeling ever? πŸ™‚

    sam, you’re in Canada and still not accepting its winter? lol high spirit :pPp

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, Happy Birthday to your son and his cousins πŸ™‚

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