Obama or McCain? Or someone new?? Vote Now!

If you could vote (talking to Non? πŸ™‚ Americans) who would you vote for?

Third NEW candidate took all votes!! CHECK THIS OUT!!!

92.9% out of 453 votes from Jordan, were for Obama.

64.9% of 430 votes from Israel also went to Obama.

147,895 Votes from USA, 80.7% for Obama!

Russia: 459 votes, 87.1% for Obama.


7 thoughts on “Obama or McCain? Or someone new?? Vote Now!

  1. They already have nearly half a million votes from 200 countries.
    Although there’s no method to prevent multiple votes,
    still it’s a landslide victory for Obama in every country!

    What’s with Venzuella?

  2. Between the two, I hope McCain wins (see my latest post for the reason). However, I’m not voting for him, I’m voting for Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party. It’s time America got back to its roots.

  3. A vote for anyone other than Mccain or Obama is a vote wasted. Ralph Nader is in part responsible for George W. administration wining so he is also in part responsible for the Iraq war!

    You’d think he learned something the first time around, but no his ego is too big!

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