Until I knew

I had hope and dreams, i had laughs and joy.. had everything this world had given and even more.. was up so high, above the skies and away so far in the fantasy world
nothing was like it, so pure and cool, like a breeze so soft like a smile of a child..
The smile on my face was like a painting on a wall, forever there…. until i knew

and when I did, my world crashed down, my smiles faded away and I fell down.. on their so-called earth..
I cried and cried, like a river became an ocean.. endless and eternal..
I walked every night, alone in the dark,, walked until i woke up then got back there..
knocked again, on the fantasy world.. no one answered like no one was there..

and after i knew, i became “brand new”, strong and cruel, not as much as you!
I drew a smile, fake but works out.. and a look that lasts in every one’s heart..
I prayed my God to give me the strength, i prayed for happiness as much as this world can give..

Now, as i see, the future is near.. the smiles are close and the happiness is real..
only faith will get me through the hell I know when I knew..

5 thoughts on “Until I knew

  1. hehe sho bedo y3arefne, if he was nice to girls that should be cuz he likes them like girls not like errr brothers? hehe

    keefkom into el mohom? keef maiousheh? 3am tezha2 bedoon shoghol? shaghelha ma3ak mahyeh MIS lol :p

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