Bank Audi, Jordan – Worst Experience!

What do i say about this bank!! as much as the Lebanese people at Bank Audi – Lebanon are nice, the same amount is how Jordan branch are not!

I been through many things with Bank Audi, like a master card, loan, salary account, and many other stuff. they failed all the time! disappointed me all the time! sorry to be that harsh but i cant take it anymore!

Today at around 10:30 pm was hanging out with friends and shopping when i realized i lost my Audi ATM Card, searched and searched but could not find it. anyway, i paid with another card and head back to home like crazy! but also did not find it at home 😦 my friends looked with me everywhere but nothing!

I tried to call the customer support number (they say 24 hours) but no one answered, then the guard has answered and said to call Customer Support #, i explained to him that i did and he answered and told him my problem, he said he cant help because he doesnt know anything but can give me Mecca Mall branch and they should be opened at that time, but NO ONE answered!!

Guess what I did?! I called Lebanon Branch and asked them to cancel it! the guy was so nice! he explained that lines may have problems at Jordan branch and thats why it did not redirect the call to Lebanon Branch. Anyway, he deactivated it and said I can get a new one at my branch within 48 hrs. Cool!

Anyway, I really wish I can stop dealing with this bank! i truly hate it! and Im one of many people who had a bad experience with them.

Now, the surprise! the phone rang and it was the Guard at Jordan branch calling and gave me a number of the guy responsible for ATM cards. and said he did his best to help me. I told him that i already called Lebanon Office and that his help is most appreciated. Thanks 3ayed 🙂

Next step: calling guys at Jordan office and get my anger out! and tell them how much i thank 3ayed and Lebanon office guys!

Current status: night is over and will go out again later 😦

2 thoughts on “Bank Audi, Jordan – Worst Experience!

  1. Well am really sorry for what you have went through and glad that the problem is solved but but you made my day by complementing the Lebanese and how nice they are.. Nothing but
    bad news about Lebanon & its population ,so it is good to know that we are doing something right and all is not lost..
    Thank You 🙂

  2. thanks Noura.. and to me, i love Lebanese people.. i just hope they love each others there as much as we love them 🙂 they are polite to others and kind and neat.. 🙂

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