A Good Taxi Driver? Yes.

Regardless what my sister Fatoom says about Taxis and regardless to her bad experience with them, I always get good taxis!

After I sold my car last week, I decided to try public transportations before I give up and use my dad’s car!

Got out of home Sunday morning and head to bus station, waited 10 minutes then a bus stopped, cool! got in and out because found no seat for me.. the “control” guy said there is a place beside girls. i looked at the girl, asked her if there is a place for me. she did not even bothered to look at me and said no with some other words that i did not understand. i got out!

waited 2 minutes and stopped a taxi. he was an old man and did not start conversations like others. when we got to the place i want, the counter was showing ~1.70 JD i gave him 20 JD but he laughed and said you’re the first one today! i dont have change. I counted the “frata” I have and found like 1.30 JD he said they are enough, dont worry. I insisted that he drive down the street like 200 m to get to the supermarket. he said noway! how would you come back all the way here! I was explaining to him that it was ok and i want to go across the street there anyway. he insisted that there is no need and it is ok and did not want to drive any cm down! I said ok 3ammo shokran kteer and im very sorry. he said walaw 3amo!

Can you believe that? He’s amazing, may Allah give him 1000x times that money. wallah he was great man.

That day I gave up and next day started using my dad’s car until i get a car!

12 thoughts on “A Good Taxi Driver? Yes.

  1. Regardless what my sister Fatoom says about Taxis and regardless to her bad experience with them, I always get good taxis!

    after reading this i dont have to read more…
    how many times u take taxi in month or week?
    for me its twice a day, if am not going anywhere after work
    so its 60 times in month
    beat me with that!

  2. OHHH so u 2 are sisters ?
    w sharkooseh’s name is fatooom?

    Niceeee !! ma3lomat ma3lomat Haha !
    bs u’re right ! that taxi driver is so nice =)
    A taxi driver from heaven , he must be !

  3. You know, Jano, I usually get good taxis as well. Maybe it’s the fact tthat you look like a nice girl? :). I hear about people getting really bad taxis, so I know it happens. And my mom got one during her stay with us, but that was only one out of 2 taxis a day for about 25 days. Not too bad, if you ask me. One taxi driver a year and half ago heard I was taking Arabic and practied with me the entire way to my destination. It was awesome, he was kind, patient, and did NOT try to hit on me. So, kudos to the good taxi drivers out there…

  4. shakooseh, maybe its the only taxi i took since months but it shows that there are good taxi drivers.:)

    bakkouz la2 mesh tafra :S

    LostWithin, yeah khode ma3lomat o estafede balke ejake beshe exam lol :p and yes, he’s nice 🙂

    Jad, wallah jd 3al neyeh 😀 7abet.ha hay el mathal.. ana neyte mafe a7san menha meshan haik allah bewafe2ne el 7amdellah 😀

    MommaBean 😀 im glad i see your comments again 😀 well, we both are nice thats why we get nice taxi drivers hehe and how sweet of that taxi driver who practiced arabic with you.. very nice! im sorry about your mom but as you said onetime out of 50 does not consider bad 🙂

  5. Jano… Cousin…
    Hada mw bas 6afra.. hada sheklo mag6w3 dokhan o kabseh ma3o, fa el 1.30 kano begaddw lol.

    Anyways, fi nokteh ba3den ba7kilek yaha 3an sawageen el taxi’s lol.

    Seebek mn el taxi’s a7sanlek o eghliha mashi bekwn a7san hehehe,

    Happy Ramadan & may God accepts our pledges and prayers 🙂

  6. me, hehe honestly, he didnt accept anything except for the frata i had.. what i could do.. i always say, allah ybareklo beshoghlo o be his money o yorzo2o ya rab..

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