Wanted – A Sheep or a Wolf

I do not usually have comments on movies or even not in a place where i can “critic” one. I watched Wanted – the movie, with my brother and it was Ok and a little bit surprising but no big deal. It wasn’t like one the movies that you really enjoy or when it’s done you say What a movie! or would want to watch it again.

The thing i do not understand is, why people were so excited and thrilled about how Angelina killed herself at the end! oh so pathetic! and so unreal, i know thats why its called a movie but uh whatever. also other parts of the movie where it made no sense at all even as a scene! I found the whole movie with no sense at all.

When will we get over the Angelina’s beauty “cloud” that is hovering around us! I even named a fish Angelina because it has big lips! :S

So finally this was only a point of view which i know doesnt represent most of the ones out there.

Kill Thousands to save thousands :S Watch the Video – Spoof 🙂

5 thoughts on “Wanted – A Sheep or a Wolf

  1. I think the only point to consider from the whole movie is that in order to get something done you need to work smarter not harder. The father “Cross” is the best member or agent in the fraternity and that makes it hard to eliminate him after he broke the code. So to work around that you just get to him thorugh his son “Wesley” and Bingo Bangoooooooooooooooo_O 🙂

    wa haza howa ra2i bel mawdooooooo3 bsara7a 😛

  2. EH!
    amma law kan il filem bo6oolet Julia Roberts badal Angelina kan bikoon filem ra2e3 o bijannen o khayleh o yay o ma ba3raf sho!!
    wil filem 7ilo o angelina a7la 😛

  3. I watched Wanted – the movie, with my brother eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh???????? o ana wain kooooooooont? :SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
    ya3ne kheyaneh akter men haik mafe :S

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