July 20, 2018 ?!

I’ll be..



Doing what:
Coming back from work and preparing lunch.

Marital Status:

Kids? how many?:
Yes, One. 7 year old maybe.

Health status:
Perfect, looking 20 year old lol (inshallah!)

Plans for the night:
Go out with “the man” to watch a movie. (The Boy/Girl at my parent’s or Fatoom’s lol)

Any other Comments::
Naah, trying to get out of routine. maybe thinking of a vacation!

5 thoughts on “July 20, 2018 ?!

  1. sharifo thanks 😀

    chika, wallah i was not thinking at all, i just was talking with my friend (Dadan) and we thought we would document what we said and look back at this post after 10 years 😀

  2. da7alteeny jad 🙂 inshallah ya rb kol shi fih khair yet7a2a2lek 🙂

    Jano, I sent you an email sweetie, please check it at the soonest if you can and I will be waiting for your reply.

    Thanks 🙂

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