Congratulations, Bakkouz & Lana


So the countdown has completed 🙂

Bakkouz and My lovely cousin, Lana, got engaged today and “katabo ktab”, i just got back from the party!

Alf mabrook for you both and inshallah we’ll see your kids around 🙂

Lana is not a blogger, so u won’t know her..

3o2bal kol ele bedhom.

Now whats funny is i introduced them to each other.. 😀 so now im officially khattabeh lol

Mabrook Lana and Bakkouz
Mabrook Mai and Samer
Mabrook for my other cousin, Nawriz, who is getting married next week 🙂 “i made it up between him(cousin) and his (ex)gf which caused that she becomes his wife” lol

I really cant wait to see all these guys’ kids 😀

shoghl edaya we7yat 3enaya lol

3o2balkom kolkom 🙂

21 thoughts on “Congratulations, Bakkouz & Lana

  1. Awwww 😀

    Mobark 🙂 O Allah yetamemelhom 3ala 5ear

    😀 hala2 u should start a section for Ta3arof 😀

    This year is strange many bloggers get engaged

    So far I know 9 me 😀

    Allah Yehani Sa3eed b Sa3eedeh

  2. Mabrok Bakkouz! It’s the season to be “married” huh! :p – 3o2balek if you are still single you sound like a matchmaker made in heaven! ana 3andi 3arees la elek!!

  3. Lubna, these are the only people i introduced to each other.. im against the idea of introducing people to get married lol but these three couples just clicked! 😀 el 7amdellah.. bs allah yostor ba3d el jowaz hahahah inshallah khair 😀

    Qabbani, lol yeah balke a3mal section.. but the thing is these people are so close to me and i know them more than they know themselves.. bakkouz is my best friend since years.. Mai is my mate since years also, my cousin, lana is a sister to me and even more. my other cousin, nawriz is my fav cousin and also a brother to me and know him well.. Samer Qwaider, i know him through blogs and met him once and became friends,, one can tell how great he is.. so it just worked out because of these reasons.. im afraid if i started this business it will all fail lol

    Chika 😀 teslame ,, im not married yet.. still 25 year old! lol il 3arees el ele Adiga? lol u know im circassian/Adiga. keef t7ammaset ana! lol jk :p teslame .. mwah 🙂

  4. woooooooow what a lovely morning with lovely news (smilie of a crazy face jumping up and down)

    bakkouz il 3azeem is engaged..i am so happy for lana and bakkouz..they look so sweet together alla yhaneehom ya rab..


    emta il 3oros?

    3ashan nebda n7adder 😀

    jano 7abeebty 3o2balek w 3o2bal kol el sabaya wel shabab
    i can see it now

    new line of topics will appear 😉

  5. AWWWWWW 🙂 … alf alf alf alf mabrook ya rabbie, LOL! you are the official 5attaabeh Jano, you should start charging people HAHAHAHAHAHA
    alf mabrook Bakkouz, alf mabrook Lana 🙂

  6. mabroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook 😀

    bas wallah lab2een la ba3ad laish el 7aki 😛

    allah yehaneekom o nwafe2kom o nshoof wladkom o homeh benatweto odamkom 😛

  7. shokran shokran jamee3an o allah iybarek feekom wiykhaleekom o yes3idkom o bil akhas khattabitna il rasmiyeh Jano 😛
    wil kol ma3zoom 3al 3oros tara hai bagolko min halla2 😀

  8. Woooooooooohooooooooooooooooo this is so awesome 🙂

    Alf mabrook you guys!

    Lek shu sayer hooooooooon yalla single girls I am ready! Line up!

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