Fishes at work – Lovely

Our team lead got us these cute fishes 🙂 so cute and lovable .. at first they were 11 in the tiny bowel but 4 died and yesterday one decided to swim in the sink down to somewhere unknown lol ya 7aram 😦

They are really cute and when I put my finger in the bowel they tickle it hehe no not because they are hungry! because they love me *Angel smile* lol

I pray no more fishes would die! now they have more space with five out and also with the CLEAN bowel .. it was so dirty 😦

Anyway, hope you enjoyed 😉

7 thoughts on “Fishes at work – Lovely

  1. ohhh thats nice …. hey did you know eno fish got 7 seconds memory ? ……
    but really they look beautiful ….

    wow thats very nice …. hey did you know eno fish got 7secs memory? pretty odd ha ……
    but really they look nice ….

    A7la meen heek ya 3ami …. get this fish got only 7secs memory? lol ha ……
    i think i said that before! ….

  2. Hi Sari,

    After the post i wrote above and until now, none died they are still alive and we have added the garbage fish and another black tiny fish. 🙂
    another big tattooed fish was added also, but to another big aquarium.

    Ill take videos and photos for them and show you 🙂

    Thanks for asking and if you need any tip about fish let me know 😀

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