Do Not Get Married!

I was thinking the other day of “what is the main reason that makes someone decides to get married..” some people getting married just to be married! why? i dont understand it but at least this is what it shows..

There are many reasons why to get married; like you find the right person at the right time and decided to get married.. or other reasons..

But i want to talk here about when NOT to get married and why; 10 reasons:

1) Just to get married; some people are married just because one of them, i dont believe this is the good way, you might end up with anyone or first one who says yes.. especially when there isnt a certain one you want to get married because this time its JUST to get married!

2) Not ready for responsibility; People should realize that marriage is responsibility and sharing so you should be ready to take this responsibility, talking here about both sides, men and women. You should be ready and willing to share almost everything with your partner and be responsible for your part in this marriage, however you decide to share it, not saying that women to cook, men to work.. we’re talking in general and whatever responsibility you may have.

3) To have your partner make your dreams real; You are the ONLY one who should make your dreams real, your partner is to support not to do them for you.. most of this applies to girls; they want to get married to someone who can buy them whatever they need and take them overseas and stuff like these.. but this is what i call dependency! EVERY human should be able to fulfill their dreams and needs by their own.

4) You think you found your other half; there is nothing called other half; 1+1=or>3 not 1 and not 2.. this interesting huh? OK, you are a whole soul and complete! you are not half, plus, you and your partner are not 2 because you will have kids later and also many factors that are added to your life. The other point here is there is nothing called “This is the only one” love comes and goes and there are more than one person appropriate and great and meets your needs and dreams. so do not ever think like this person is the completion to your life because there are many others that could have same/better/less than the one you have now.

5) Material life needed, do not get married for temp things, or permanent things.. the constant and temp are boring at the end or losing game.

6) Following your heart; bullsh*t!! It’s not that i do not know what im talking about, i’ve been through it and heart’s game is lies. do not follow your heart in these things unless you are ready to give up whatever comes on your way.. there is something called mind; heard of that? yeah thats it the one that is always boring and tells you not to be free and fun.. just listen to it, at last its the win game! of course not all has to be mind and not all heart, some of this and some of that, mix it but do not take one over the other.

7) No options; do not get married if there are not too many options.. at last this option would be the worst option you could ever have.. because you would sit one day asking what if there was something else behind that wall i could not see.. if you know what i mean.. anyway, there would always be the option of not getting married.

8 ) Beauty, you don’t know how this person inside in real life after marriage, because everything changes or you would see more/less from that person and same with the other person to you.. you will discover new things everyday until you fully know this person which will never be 100%, plus, you don’t know how they will look like after 10, 20 years.

9) Similarity; boring! and mind killer! unless you are not willing to be open minded (maybe for a limit but at least accepting the other person) like he loves coffee and i love it too! wow! amazing couple! hehe no really some people find silly similarities that are trivial when getting married which were the reasons to get married or at least start thinking of that. not bad to share some silly things but it would be boring at some point.

10) Difference; do not get married if your potential partner is way different in the core points that you know you wont accept someday somehow but just not thinking of them now because you love this person and you just want to be with them.

11 (Extra): I assume no one would get married for sex lol

REMEMBER: reasons above are not 100% and do not apply to every case. these are my point of view about it.

19 thoughts on “Do Not Get Married!

  1. OK let me tell you tell you why we “ARAB GUYS” wanna get married:

    1- TO HAVE SEX : I can safely say that 75% of Arab guys (including me) wanna get married to have sex.

    2- To gain some stability in life: being raised by our moms and inside our families; makes it really hard for us to live single, we cant do anything by ourselves and we need a woman in our life to give us the love/stability we need.

    3- To have kids, at the end this is why God wants to get married .. to keep life on earth and to give us a reason to live for.

  2. 1
    most of people do this these days, in fact am sure most of them dont know each other “i mean really know each other …”even after 10 years of marriage

    true, its all about responsibility but things get easier once you get used to responsibility unless they are really really lazy

    sometimes partners help to get other partners dream come true …

    i totally agree,

    yah i agree on this one too, again most of the people get married these days cos of matrial things ..

    well i think someone should follow his/her heart … if you gona think the steps, and what will happen in the future, then your in a problem ..

    thats why created relatives .. to start a husbend/wife hunt for us ..

    i agree … some really good looking people are s**t holes inside …

    9 10
    ?!@?!@?!@ ??? what we should go for an alien then ? !

    now am sure 110% of people DO get married for that one only.

    have a good day wa benshofek bel dabkeh ..

  3. Dadan, 9 10 these thigns should not be the reason to get married, they should exist but not be the reason or main one. thats all

    Bakkouz, lol sho khofet? heheh kan lazem adeef note no do not get married when ur not sure!! ba3dain ana la sabab wala eshe .. ana bakoon sabab lama aqtare7 el shaghleh aw a7ke aa aw la2 sa7? bs enta if that happened betkoon the luckiest o ommak da3eetlak be lailet el ader πŸ˜€

  4. May I participate here? πŸ™‚
    I agree about most of what u said except for #6…
    If you keep looking by your mind you will keep finding holes… you can never reach a 100% perfect situations…
    What makes A better than B for me as a life partner?
    If my mind tries to find the answer, it will tell me always that A’s pitfalls are B’s advantages (in general πŸ™‚ )…
    No one is perfect, no one is identical, no one is designed for any one… Besides life is soooo hard and sooo complicated… What shall ever eaze down the difficulties of life but the flair of passion??!! πŸ™‚
    You need to follow your heart… the path is difficult anyway… some tender emotions will heal wounds and grant some patience…

  5. Do you know that I always thought YOU are married??

    You have good thoughts … I like them! One failed marriage taught me a LOOOT … especially as I got married LATE because I wanted to BE AS SURE AS CAN POSSIBLY BE that I NEVER have to get divorced! Well … didn’t work that way!!!

  6. hahaha you thought i was married? cool thought lol im thinking like you, wanna take my tiiiiime before i get married πŸ™‚

    marriage is just another experience in life, it would succeed or fail and the result is a lesson either way πŸ™‚

    Miss you Karin, salam to Chet and all, love you

  7. The other day we had a guest over, and he brought up the topic of marriage, and I explained I was totally against it.

    After some time trying to convince me, he just asked, what in your life gives you pleasure ? Like that’s the only reason he can think of to be happy! Gahhh Life is good, there are so many other reasons to be happy!

  8. Hani, thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    yes i can but do I want? lol

    and you cant be raciest.. not cool πŸ™‚ where have you been hiding? when ru goin to the other country? hehe i think i would call them soon while they are on tour πŸ™‚

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