Jordan – May 25

Pride, love, warm, and home.. this is how I see Jordan.. of course beside the Gas prices 😀 lol

Jordan, a small home with lots of love, proud of its people and a song that never dies.. As a Circassian was born and live in Jordan, as a girl who been to other countries.. I always cant wait to come back here, to my home, Jordan. and always love to be here.. Not a joke or sarcasm as some may think of that, it’s the truth. some people just don’t feel this way about the country that was and still a home and shelter for all. a place where you can go out after mid of night just to take a walk or just to bring chips or pepsi and come back home safe. a place where you can take your kids out without the fear of a bomb been put somewhere or a crazy people come to shoot the place. a home where all are one family, one soul and one heartbeat. a bed where you can lie down any time of the day or night and sleep dreaming of tomorrow, some people cant in other countries. thank God for having this Jordan i call home.. Thank God for the Royal family who, with their wisdom and love, could keep Jordan safe and beautiful through all these years..

Jordan first which is taking care of Jordan; means taking care of the future of your kids and grandkids.. means living in a sweet clean home, means love in the air, means science, sport, literature, business and people, let all these reach to the highest mount.

To me, and as i always say, Jordan is people.. me and you..

Love you, Jordan. Allah ye7meek and keep you safe.

Now, I have two requests!

Please, wherever you go, keep Jordan clean, do not throw anywhere, trash baskets are everywhere or you can keep trash until you find one.. this thing bugs me like hell.. dont say the trash is everywhere and all people throw it everywhere, start with yourself and u’ll see the difference.. I could change couple of people who used to throw their trash here and there or right out of the car.. please start the change with you and people.. it wont cost ANYTHING, just a clean beautiful result.. Thanks 🙂

Please, try not to use cars horns unless really needed.. let’s make Jordan less noisy.. this also may include bad language when getting pissed off while driving 🙂 and ill start with myself.. hehe

Let’s make a change.. these two little things would be a huge amazing change ..

Thanks 🙂

3 thoughts on “Jordan – May 25

  1. I hope it remains a safe place for all of us.

    Good point about the garbage, and the honking. The other day I was out for a walk while listening to music on my mp3 player, and my friend saw me as he was driving and kept honking at me finally he stopped right in front of me, and asked why I couldn’t hear him honking.
    I said: man everyone is honking all the time!

  2. Happy Independence Day. I’m always the weird American walking out of my way to throw the trash in the trashcan instad of just dropping it and explaining it away as “keeping the trah guy’s job”… Good suggestions, but the horn thing really is impossible. What would you do when the guy in front of you begins to meander into your lane? I always give a little toot, toot, toot. (And a smile of course).

  3. Hani, this is a funny story hehe it bugs how all people honk, my car;s was broken in the accident i had and i did not want it to be fixed to get used not to use it, but i start using my mouth which is also a bad habit and i hate it! well. my brother fixed it yesterday so im back to use it but not like before of course 🙂

    MommaBean, Thanks Dear i appreciate it 🙂 the thing is once people realize how important to keep streets and parks clean, they will love it and will love the habit to throw trash in the trash cans ..
    the soft toot toot thing is ok and sometimes is really nice especially when comes with a smile like urz 🙂 but what i really hate if hold it even while passing and leaving away.

    about smiling, it really changes the situation, once me and dad were in the car where a guy was coming from the wrong way and facing our car and wanted to yell at us! like its our fault! my dad smiled at him and said go ahead, pass (with a big smile) the man said “MAN!! its the first time i see someone smiling in the early morning while driving! and he smiled back and greeted us 🙂 it could have been a real bad fight if he met someone with the same as his attitude but the good thing is people are not bad by nature, thats why he changed and cooled down..

    Have a nice day/night both 🙂

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